Renew Solar

Solar Renewable Energy For Home Use

Finally, The dream of capturing free energy from the sun has no longer just a quest for many generations of scientists. With the latest advances in technology, this form of power is now available to the homeowner.

Renew solar energy can be used for lighting, cooking, water heating and even powering vehicles.
You have probably already seen renewable solar energy in action without knowing it, as some traffic signs already use the sun to keep them functioning when other power can’t reach them. Solar panels also power portable warning signs, and even emergency 911 phones at the roadside are fully equipped on solar energy through the use of a rechargeable battery inside and a PV solar panel at the top of the pole.

You can create a basic solar unit from some black plastic piping and a small pump – and if it is in full sunlight, within minutes warm, or even hot water, will be available to be circulated to a pool or underfloor heating system. Commercial versions of this simple, low temperature and solar pressure collector look like hundreds of small tubes glued side by side and connected across the top and bottom with a large manifold pipe. When compared to a swimming pool circulation pump, they can provide essentially free heat to the pool.

A more adventurous DIY homeowner might purchase a set of high temperature, high pressure, roof mounted set of solar panels to provide hot water to a storage tank for use in most household situations. A circulation pump and controller is typically part of the setup, and if you set the control high enough, you can get the tank to about 180 degrees with a lot of suns.

Renew Solar

Additional benefits of renew solar energy systems include that they make no noise, and can look stylish when mounted on the roof facing in the direction of the sun’s rays. There are even panels available now that sit between the ribs of certain types of metal roofing. The average home can easily incorporate some form of solar power, also if it is to illuminate pathways around the house.

Major utility companies are slow to adopt solar renewable energy, and this is probably because at present there are few incentives to make a change – and they can pass fuel cost increases on to the consumer without any real resistance.

Technology has improved PhotoVoltaic cells to the point where they are becoming a competitive electrical generation alternative, but you needn’t wait for your utility company to get up to speed with this. Take matters into your own hands and become self-sufficient for your home’s energy needs.

To implement renew solar energy you won’t have to spend a lot at first to get some benefit. You can start with a smaller system to get a feel for how it works, before committing a large budget to a full-blown system.

We hope that this article will stimulate your interest enough to take at least a look at what can be achieved. As more people like you get involved, the cheaper units will be.