Will the Far Right Dominate Spanish Politics?

The results of last December’s elections in Andalucía have shocked Spain’s national political landscape with the decline of the Spanish Socialist Party, which has ruled since the return of democracy. Although it remains the first political force with 33 seats, it will not be able to form a coalition government with Pudemus and the Unified Left Leftists.

In contrast, the right-wing People’s Party (PPP) has retreated from right-wing center Theodadanos, which has doubled the number of seats in 2015 (21 seats), and the surprise that shook Andalusia and hit all of Spain, which was registered by the far-right ” To form a government headed by the People’s Party or Ciudadanos from the center of the right.

Head of the Andalusia Government

Juan Manuel Moreno of the conservative People’s Party was elected as the new head of the Andalusian government in the regional parliament of Seville, supported by the extreme right-wing Fuchs party. In addition to the support of 26 MPs from the conservative People’s Party and 21 deputies from the Liberal Party of Theodadanos, Moreno supported 12 deputies Of the right-wing People’s Vox Party, which won seats for the first time in last December’s elections in the Andaman

Vox was created by Santiago Abascal, a fierce spokeswoman who founded the party after she split from the People’s Party in 2013, and the far-right Vox Party  demands an end to gender ideology and the abolition of the law against violence against women.  He seems to have found a foothold in Andalusia, in part because the party strongly defended Spain’s battle to stop independent legislators from Catalonia. The independence movement was criticized as an attempt by Catalonia, a rich region, to abandon poor areas like Andalusia, and other poor areas in Spain rely on Catalonian resources.  Here is a closer look at the Vox party.

The Upcoming Election

According to the opinion poll published in the Spanish newspaper “Mundo”, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will not be able to remain in power after the victory of
the Vox Party in Andalusia, even if even if his Spanish Socialist Party issued the results of the poll with 22.6% Four points lower than the 26.3%.

The poll gives the Socialists only 92 to 96 of the 350 seats in the House of Representatives.  Sanchez will not be able to form a majority even with the votes of the leftist Bodeimos party and the Catalan and Basque nationalist parties.

In a similar vein, a number of Spanish NGOs, including SOS, expressed concern over the progress of the far right and anti-foreign parties after Vox’s rise in the elections in Andalusia. The reason for the rise of these extreme right-wing parties is due to political errors and crisis Facing Spain such as the independence of Catalonia.

The organization also expressed concern about the rising presence of a party it described as “fascist and racist.” The organization said it would analyze all
political moves that could be contrary to equal rights.